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    OOIDA Members Receive a 10% discount on their CDL Physical Exam at participating TeamCME clinics!

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    Download our free mobile app or use our “Clinic Locations” page to quickly pinpoint the nearest clinic (including those that offer the OOIDA member discount).

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    When you choose a TeamCME member you know that you will get a Consistent, Ethical, Sensible, Safety Conscious DOT Physical Exam!

  • Largest U.S. Network of DOT Physical Exam Locations

    We’ve trained over 5,000 certified medical examiners and unlike other examiners who are on their own, our members attend advanced training that sets them apart from all other providers.  TeamCME clinics can rely on TeamCME experts when they need additional expertise.

  • Smart Sleep Apnea Testing

    Our providers never use a single finding such as BMI or neck size to require sleep apnea testing. Our Nationwide Sleep Apnea Expert offers quick and convenient home (or in-truck) sleep testing for only $295.

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Use our online map or Free Driver Mobile App to quickly find a clinic near you.


Looking for a CDL physical exam, flight physical exam, school bus medical exam, or merchant mariner exam? TeamCME can help! Use our online tools to quickly find the exam that fits your needs.


Download our Free Driver mobile app today and let TeamCME remind you when your exam certificate is about to expire.

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Get the Competitive and Innovative Edge. Get Advanced Training and learn TeamCME protocols to “Bullet Proof” your driver status determinations. Offer better pricing and innovative services to your transportation clients.

Attend Accredited NRCME training and DOT Alcohol/Drug testing accreditation.

TeamCME specializes in helping physicians become DOT Certified Physicians. TeamCME is an Accredited National Registry Training Organization that offers Accredited Training for the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.

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