TeamCME DOT Electric Records System (ERS) powered by 3bExam


TeamCME has partnered with 3bExam to give you a comprehensive and convenient CDL physical exam electronic system of storing, processing, and reporting CDL physicals exams to your clients.


Client Convenient Portal:

Your clients get their own web based portal where they can review their driver’s CDL physical exam from the initial stage of filling in the medical exam form, track progress as the physical is being performed in your clinic, see the exam results once completed, and review the exam at any time.


Medical Examiner Cost Saving and Convenience:

Cost saving and convenience to the medical examiner is thru reduced printing, filing, and storing physical exam report forms and medical examiner certificates.  An added bonus is that TeamCME members get a significant discount on their subscription,  just $57 a month.

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The TeamCME DOT ERS system is not only cost efficient and convenient, it’s a marketing tool for more motor carrier clients!!