FAA BasicMed Flight Physical Training

The BasicMed medical exam can be used by many private pilots in lieu of obtaining a 3rd Class medical exam from an Aviation Medical Examiner. The BasicMed exam can be performed by the following State-licensed physicians:

  • MDs
  • DOs
  • Doctors of Chiropractic  (coming soon in up to 31 States)

In order to act as Pilot in Command (PIC), a private pilot must receive a comprehensive BasicMed medical exam performed by a state-licensed-physician during the previous 48 months.  If a pilot does not meet all the requirements of the BasicMed, they must hold a FAA Medical Certificate.

BasicMed Training Available Soon!

The BasicMed program applies to persons acting as the Pilot in Command (PIC) including flight instructors.  BasicMed restrictions apply to the following aircraft and flights:

  • Aircraft maximum certificated takeoff weight must be at or below 6,000 pounds, and;
  • Aircraft must be authorized to carry no more than six occupants, and;
  • Flight indicated airspeed must not exceed 250 knots, and;
  • Flight altitude must not exceed 18,000 feet mean sea level, and;
  • Flight must be within the United States, and;
  • Flights can not included compensation or hire, with exception of charitable flying, sharing costs of flight with passengers, and flying in connection with a business only if the flight is incidental to that business and does not carry any passengers or property for compensation or hire.
  • Pilots must have held an valid FAA 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Medical certificate after July 15, 2006, and have not developed a medical condition requiring a special issuance.

Private Pilots are Recommended To:

  1. Private Pilots must have a valid driver’s license issued by a State, territory, or possession of the United States.
  2. Download the BasicMed Checklist and complete and sign Section 2 prior to their examination
  3. Schedule a BasicMed exam with a state-licensed physician.
  4. Take the entire BasicMed Checklist to the physician. Notify provider of Section 3: Instructions to State-licensed Physician.  Physician completes the “Physician signature and Declaration” if determined not to have or be aware of a medical condition that as presently treated could interfere with the ability to safety operate an aircraft.
  5. Obtain the original or a copy of the checklist (either legible paper or electronic format) including the completed/signed Checklist Pages 8 & 9.
  6. Complete a Medical Education Course (MEC) such as the one offered online by the Aircraft Owners Pilot Association (AOPA)
  7. Print a record of completing the MEC.  Keep the MEC completed record and the completed BasicMed Checklist in the pilot’s logbook to be made available on request

TeamCME is Developing a BasicMed Course

TeamCME is already developing a BasicMed course for those who wish to provide the BasicMed.  Those that have not already become Certified Medical Examiners in the National Registry may want to consider adding that service to their practice as well as the BasicMed.  We expect there to be overlap between the fly-no fly and the drive- no drive decision making protocol.

If you are not a TeamCME member but wish to get updates and training information as it become available, you can join our BasicMed email list by going to the following link:  http://eepurl.com/cYiHGb

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