Heart Murmur Assessment Tools with SensiCardiac

Auscultation has never been so easy and so accurate!

We can’t all be Cardiologists, but we can provide a heart murmur assessment equal to one!

Provide a superior CDL Physical!  Drivers and motor carriers appreciate cutting edge technology!

Increase your heart auscultation skills! Reduce unneeded referrals to a cardiologist. Detect previously unknown cardiac conditions prior to a cardiac event.  Use SensiCardiac in your physical exams for commercial drivers, school/sport physicals and patients.

SensiCardiac is an FDA approved computer aided heart auscultation program that combines advanced cardiac murmur diagnostics with the latest electronic stethoscope technology to provide an assessment as accurate as a cardiologist!

Underlying heart conditions can be difficult to detect and even harder to interpret. SensiCardiac makes it easy!


SensiCardiac is a subscription service.  Get a Littman 3200 Digital Bluetooth Stethoscope with your initial subscription.

Members get a discount on initial and yearly subscriptions when they subscribe for the Professional Package at SensiCardiac.com.

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