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The Only CME Network Nationally Recognized for Driver Helpful,
CDL Physical Exams!

OOIDA’s Nationwide Source for Ethical, Consistent, Cost-Effective DOT Physicals!

Belonging to TeamCME is a no brainer! The TeamCME internet marketing, webpage, website and discounts on products and Lab/MRO services are a must for anyone doing DOT physicals!

Dr. Charles WeitzmanTeamCME Member San Diego, CA

I have been a member for over a year and it has truly been a pleasure.  Incredible support, professional interaction, always has the correct answer, and very accessible.  This is the elite Team to be a member of!

Dr. David C. CoxTeamCME Member Manteca, CA


Offer the Full Spectrum of DOT Services with TeamCME Membership for only $29.95 a month!

  • Be the Recognized Expert in your area!  Out-Innovate, Out-Service, Out-Market and Out-Compete the competition!
  • Exclusive Protected Provider Area! 
  • Be on the TeamCME Online Map where you’re right in front of drivers, pilots, mariners and others looking for a DOT Physical!
  • Free Driver & Pilot Mobile App:  Displays your clinic using Driver’s/Pilot’s location, “Alerts” sent for recertification!
  • Advanced Internet Marketing! Puts your Clinic Webpage on Page 1 of Google Results ($15 Additional Charge/month)
  • Advanced Training! Free for Members!  “Bullet Proof” your medicine use decisions.
  • New! “TeamCME Electronic CDL exam record System (Powered by 3bExam), Special Membership Pricing! Learn More Here
  •  New!  Member access to FREE “Safe Harbor” single subject training videos on TeamCME.com
  • Discount pricing for DOT Drug Lab and MRO Review costs
  • Discount pricing for DOT Drug & Alcohol Test Physician and Staff Training
  • Cost-Effective, Ethical Sleep Apnea Home Based Testing, Use our OSA partner or offer testing in your office directly.
  • Randomized Drug Testing program for your clients using the TeamCME Consortium
  • SensiCardiac FDA approved computer aided heart auscultation/murmur software, Offer this Innovative Service and Marketing Tool!


TeamCME Online Map

  • Exclusive Geographic Provider Area!
  • Be just a click away from drivers using our Online Map (and our Free Driver Mobile App)!
  • Detailed Office contact information, hours, parking, even pricing, included in your clinic icon
  • Online Scheduling Available.  Unmatched convenience for all your clients and online users*

TeamCME ApplicationFree Driver Mobile App

  • With our Free Driver Mobile App, Your Clinic is literally at the driver’s fingertip!
  • GPS functionality allows Drivers to find Your Clinic for their DOT Medical Exam
  • One touch calling and driving instructions to Your Clinic
  • Drivers Save Your Clinic information as their last physical exam provider
  • Drivers get “Expiration Alerts” from Your Clinic before their Medical Certificate expires
  • iPhone and Android compatible. 

“Killer” Embedded Webpage in the DOT Physical Exam Clinic Directory

  • Be at or near the Top of Page 1 Google Search Results!
  • Already got a webpage?  Doubles, Triples, or Quadruples your presence on search engine results for drivers in your area!
  • Your dedicated embedded webpage has advanced features that set you apart from other local providers!
  • Absolutely the Biggest Bang for the Buck Available!!!
*Additional $15 monthly fee and one time $29.95 set up fee applies

Training, Supplies, Equipment

  • Advanced Training Available to perform consistent, ethical, reliable DOT physical exams with confidence!
  • Discounts for Online, Webinar, and Convention Accredited National Registry Certified Medical Examiner Training
  • Save $ for Online Accreditation to perform DOT Alcohol and Urine Drug Test Collection for physicians and staff
  • Lower costs for DOT Drug Testing Laboratory tests & MRO reviews, Non-DOT laboratory and/or in-office drug testing
  • Cost savings on Medical Examination Equipment, Forms, Supplies, Lifeloc Breath Alcohol Equipment & supplies
  • Low Cost Merchant Processing with an Internet Gateway for online credit card payments
  • Special Pricing for TeamCME Electronic Medical Record System Apps

Marketing and Business Development

  • Motor Carrier List for your area with company name, address, phone, contact name, and # of drivers/trucks*
  • Website Design and Internet Marketing specific to your clinic services and area*
  • You’ve got Backup!  Call us for those difficult exams, drug or alcohol testing. Teamwork makes the Dream work!
*Additional fees apply

TeamCME Membership

Apply today and take the first step to getting access to all of the great benefits of a TeamCME membership. With a membership, you will get access to the TeamCME membership content, training videos, practice test,  a listing on the TeamCME map and mobile app, and with many additional add-on products, we will help you take your practice to the next level. APPLY TODAY!

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